Kiran Paul VJ

Computer Engineer


I am a computer engineer interested in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, UI/UX, SVG and data visualization.

Recently I am more into front end technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and mobile web development. I have worked in ASP, PHP, MFC, VisualBasic, ActionScript, Photoshop (from v4.0), CorelDraw, Adobe Flash (from v3.0[then Macromedia]).

Uses PHP for personal projects. Once in a while uses Photoshop, CorelDraw and Flash. I like electronics, physics, arts, raspberryPi, circuit design, grey hat, easter eggs, beaches, country side ...

Career start year - 2003

First computer - ZX Spectrum(early 90s), mainly used to do programming in BASIC

Place worked - Kochi, B'lore, Hyderabad, Phoenix (Arizona), Dallas (Texas).

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